Europas schönste Flo(w)hmärkte „Spotted by Locals“

„Every spring, that urge to go out and enjoy the outdoors comes around; enjoying an afternoon at the park, playing sports, sitting in a nice cafe or even a little bit of shopping. And there’s nothing like a flea market to find cheap and unusual items or to haggle around. But we can also agree that flea markets can become over-saturated and unpleasant to visit when they’re too big or well-known.

At Spotted by Locals our Spotters try to show you that there are still some new or unique markets to discover just before they become too touristy. Here is a list of our favorite flea markets to visit right now!“  Visit:ölln flea markets Berlin

Kein Scherz: Die Flowmarktsaison startet am 01. April 2018 !!!

Die Flowmarktsaison in 2018 geht wieder los am Ostersonntag, 1. April.  Dann weiterhin im 2-wöchentlichen Rhythmus bis November/Dezember 2018.

Für diesen 1. Termin sind wir bereits ausgebucht !!!

Im Laufe des Jahres findet die Anmeldung  wieder vor Ort am Anmeldewagen für die jeweils kommenden Termine stattfinden, also: am 01.04. ab 7h vor Ort für den darauffolgenden Flowmarkt am 15. April 2018 .

Die Anmeldung ist im laufenden Jahr weiterhin NICHT online oder per email möglich, sondern ausschliesslich vor Ort!


— The Flowmarket starts season 2018 on sunday april 1st.  —

We are booked out for the first market on april 1st.

During the marketseason, the registry always takes place at the market carvan – Maybachufer/ corner Liberdastr On April 1sth at 7am for the following date on  april 15th, on April 15th for the following date on april 29th, on april 29th for…. .- the online registry is Not possible during the year. Thx for your understanding.

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